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Benefits of  Social WiFi Marketing

You know that all your marketing and promotional efforts won’t have the impact you want if you don’t first start with a solid database. Yet why is this so difficult to achieve?


Well, you could always have front-line staff try and educate customers about your membership programme as they impatiently just want to pay and be done with it. Not a very good impression, by the way. Or you could try getting people to fill up survey forms for a slim chance to win some random voucher - but how many times has that ever worked?


What if we told you there was an automatic way to build up this database, one that involves your customers willingly and happily opting in, and that also provides you tons of customer insight to make better-informed marketing decisions moving forward?


Enter UBOUX, Wifi Captive Portal.


When your customers visit your retail space, they can simply log in to your free guest wifi and choose to sign up to receive exclusive updates from you via email.


UBOUX Wifi Captive Portal also simultaneously collects and collates user information from these visitors, including demographics, visit patterns, time of visit, visit duration, frequency, and preferred outlet/s.


With this key information, you can not only gain a better understanding of how your customers interact with your business, but create targeted online remarketing campaigns that are tailored to them specifically. Imagine, nurturing the relationship with your existing customers without having the guesswork or having to trial-and-error your way through!


Your customers get free wifi, and you get all this valuable data to work with - talk about a win-win situation!


Design first approach:

These days designers worldwide use imaging and photo editing software e.g photoshop. Understanding this preference, it has lead us to providing design guide for designers' to freely design the artwork using software they are familiar with and import JPEGs/PNG/GIF into the UBOUX WiFi platform instead.

Do not have to worry about creating an account for outsource designers just to design the captive portal.

Automated visitor engagement. Eliminate manual email marketing tasks :

When visitors login into your Free guest WiFi, UBOUX auto triggers welcome email campaigns from your Mailchimp account informing visitors of your latest marketing campaigns and activities. Monitor email marketing performance such as email open rates, links clicked,using Mailchimp.

We provide the support and advice you need to swiftly start building your customer database using UBOUX WiFI.

Questions & Answers

What is captive portal?

A captive portal is a web page that the user of a public-access network is obliged to view and interact with before access is granted. Catered to venue owners who are willing to provide Free WiFi to their guests and in return establish a communication channel with their visitors.

Is this the same as social wifi marketing ?

Captive portal is the actual term for the technology. Some of the many other terms you may have come across is as follows: social wifi marketing, social wifi hotspot, social wifi captive portal, wifi marketing software, wifi marketing system, wifi advertising software, guest wifi marketing, guest wifi solutions, customer wifi solution, free wifi analytics, free wifi captive portal.    

What is required to use UBOUX WiFi captive portal ?

You should have stable internet connection and access points to be/already installed at your premise.

Our solution works best with access points and cloud controllers of the following brands we have tested: 



-Zyxel ( Neblua Control Center)

-Ruckus Unleashed


-Controller that support RADIUS AAA authentication.


What does 1 location mean ?

A location is defined by a physical site. A static or dynamic IP address assigned to you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider)



What does 15 Days Free Trial mean?

15-day Free Trial - we are offering the platform for your consideration up to 15 days after we have configured and activated your Merchant account for you.

We will assist you to get Captive Portal up and running so that you can immediately establish a communication channel for customers who opt into your email marketing through your Free WiFi.

After 15-day trial, your subscription payment will commence. An email will be sent to notify you.

If you wondering what is the $1 fee for?  It is a token sum administrative fee and justification for the time we will allocate in order to set up a meeting with you to help provide the 15 Day Trial. Cheers :)

What is the minimum subscription period ?

We have a minimum of 6 months prepaid subscription. For special requests please contact sales.

Compatible with Ubiquiti unifi cloud key / cloud controller ?

Yes. UBOUX WiFi solution enables you to customise your Ubiquiti guest wifi splash page with social media login options and beautiful sliding banners. Tested with unifi cloud key gen 1 and 2.

What brands of access points does UBOUX WiFi Captive Portal support ?

Ubiquiti Unifi cloud controller/cloud key 

Zyxel  Nebula cloud-managed  APs

Ruckus Unleashed



Access points that support RADIUS.




Have more questions? Visit our Helpdesk & Support page