UBOUX Captive Portal Integration With Zyxel, Ruckus and Mikrotik and RADIUS support

At UBOUX, we are always ambitious in delighting our customers. We hope to match this ambition with excitement with our major captive portal release which contains support for Zyxel, Ruckus and Mikrotik brands. This also comes with UI upgrades and optimizations, dramatically improving on the user experience and performance of the user’s journey.


RADIUS support is included in this release, which is a great leap forward for the standardization of our captive portal’s AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) and the deployment of captive portal solutions to our customers. Combining Facebook, Instagram, Email or custom login module with RADIUS in your captive portal will be a breeze with UBOUX.

Managed RADIUS

The managed service is an easier option for smaller merchants who are owners of RADIUS-supported APs (Access Points) and looking for a captive portal solution that fits in nicely into their current network setup without the fuss of hosting and managing a RADIUS server. The managed and scalable RADIUS server is hosted on the cloud for high availability and reliability, giving our customers peace of mind.


This option is ideal for merchants looking for a quick plug-and-play captive portal solution.

BYO (Bring Your Own) RADIUS

Have your own RADIUS host? No problem. We are happy to discuss a suitable arrangement between UBOUX and your network infrastructure.

New AP Brands Support

UBOUX Captive Portal integration with Mikrotik, Ruckus, and Zyxel requires RADIUS and RADIUS Accounting. 


Mikrotik is suitable for the budget-conscious. Its administrative interface has a rich suite of complex networking settings and tools at your disposal. If you are not comfortable messing around with networking stuff like VLAN, Firewall, DHCP, then it is best if you get an external qualified engineer to set it up. Done right, Mikrotik is an affordable yet secure way of exposing your network to guests via a captive portal.

Ruckus Unleashed

With Ruckus Unleashed, small business owners can be delighted with the simplicity of the deployment and configuration through the controller-less web interface.


Nebula Cloud Center or NCC for short manages Zyxel APs. NCC offers two tiers; free tier which disables the RADIUS accounting and paid tier offering all features. UBOUX Captive Portal works only with the paid tier so be sure to get in touch with Nebula for more information on the paid tier.

Integrate Ubiquiti Unifi Cloud Key WiFi network with UBOUX Captive Portal

Integrate Ubiquiti Unifi Cloud Key WiFi network with UBOUX Captive Portal

If you have a Cloud Key configured WiFi network and are looking for awesome captive portal capability, look no more. We have just recently launched our UBOUX integration with Cloud Key because we know how much you love your Cloud Keys.

Your Existing Cloud Key Setup

This picture illustrates a simple WiFi setup using a Cloud Key and 2 Access points in a restaurant or retail shop:

The Cloud Key comes with an installed unifi controller which offers a simple captive portal management module where you can easily change colors or text on the captive portal page and it should suffice for non-trackable guest WiFi usage.

What Ifs?

A captive portal’s marketing potential is limitless. This list of what-ifs questions below contains some of the common questions asked by our customers:

  • What if I want to capture customer details into my subscriber list (eg. Mailchimp)?
  • What if I want to offer Facebook, Instagram or a customized form login?
  • What if I want to have a customized captive portal layout?
  • What if I want to push customers behavioral data to an existing CMS system?
  • What if I want to analyze my customers demographics based on WiFi usage?

What does UBOUX Captive Portal offer me?

Sign up as a UBOUX Merchant and wire up your Unifi Cloud Key to our cloud services and you can immediately start to build up analytics to understand your customers better.

Splash your promotional images on your captive portal page by uploading and selecting marketing images in our merchant platform.

Offer a variety of login options for your customers. UBOUX offers Facebook, Instagram and form login. We do integration with external authentication services too if requested. An example of this would be integration to an external CRM loyalty rewards system.

How Do I Setup UBOUX Captive Portal?

Subscribe to one of the affordable subscription plans that we offer and configure the guest control settings in the unifi controller and it’s ready to go!

In Conclusion

UBOUX Captive Portal expands the marketing capabilities of your existing Cloud Key WiFi network. The marketing effectiveness in terms of costs vs leads is high because the upfront cost for a captive portal solution is very affordable and all users of your WiFi network regardless whether they are customers or passersby are potential leads. Converting these leads into revenue is dependent on the branding and awareness of the marketing materials used in the captive portal.

Cloud Key integration is driven by the acknowledgement that there are existing Cloud Key WiFi networks and we want to UBOUX Captive Portal to be as least intrusive as possible.

posted 24 january 2019

UBOUX is teaming up with Blue Wireless To Provide WiFi For SCC International Rugby 7s 2018


We’re teaming up with Blue Wireless to provide Wi-Fi for SCC International Rugby 7s 2018

UBOUX is teaming up with Blue Wireless to boost the WiFi experience for people participating or attending SCC Internation Rguby 7s 2018 at the Padang, Singapore between 2 Novemeber 2018 to 5 November 2018.

This event brings together tech specialist from both sides to provide an interesting and engaging way in connecting to the event’s free WiFi network. Blue Wireless leverages on its expertise on quality wireless broadband services while UBOUX provides its proprietary WiFi captive portal technology to engage and facilitate WiFi connectivity.

This teamup attempts to solve two keys issues where wireless internet connectivity is concerned; the ability to provide quality and reliable Internet service consistently and maximising precious visual real estate on a captive portal landing with interesting content. Content can be a mix-and-match of videos, sounds,pictures and text. Simply put, the awesome hybrid of quality wireless broadband service with a powerful marketing tool to match.

This event debuts UBOUX’s malleable technology being able to work closely and easily with a bigger and established Blue Wireless to provide a unique solution quickly on a win-win basis. Everyone is a winner. The crowd gets fast and quality wireless WiFi and marketing collateral gets maximum coverage efficiently.

posted 31 october 2018

6 Good Reasons for F&B merchants to provide Free WiFi

Building your Customer Database using Wi-Fi

How Food & Beverage Merchants Can Benefit From Providing Free WiFi

Once in a while we will hear from merchants who are worried about having their customers stay too long in their premise due to the Free WiFi that they are providing. We hope the 6 good reasons we have listed out are strong reasons to help merchants understand and weigh the pros and cons.

At UBOUX we are working hand in hand with restaurant and cafe merchants to develop and implement innovative marketing ideas that can effectively use Free WiFi as a channel to drive their promotion campaigns and eventually build up a strong customer database

posted 16 october 2018

Building your Customer Database Using WiFi

Building your Customer Database using Wi-Fi

The Importance of building your
customer database

Your customers are one of the most important, if not, the most important business assets in your business. They are the lifeline to your business and can make or break your business. Therefore, it is essential to start building a database of customers profile or strengthen it if you already have one. The more you know your customers, the more you will understand them and then, you can position your marketing strategy better. For example, if you know more women patronizes your business on Wednesday nights regularly, you can start a ladies’ night or maybe stock up ladies friendly services or products.

Disadvantages of current way of
building customers database

There are a myriad of customers management or relationship management software solutions out there. No matter what systems or software you are using, collected customers’ profiles have to be fed into it manually. You may go one step further and automate the process of collecting customers’ profiles using survey plugins or an app. However, this step involves more integration or development work and may burn a hole in your proverbial business pocket.

Advantages of using WiFi to build
a customer database

A simpler and more cost-effective solution is to use a WiFi-based solution like UBOUX Captive Portal. Most customers who hang around longer than half an hour tend to connect to a guest WiFi. In today’s age of connectedness, people are always in constant need to be connected to the Internet. Yet, this need comes at a cost to data-hungry consumers. Wi-Fi gives them the obvious benefit of reducing data usage from their mobile plans.

Fortunately, the user experience of connecting to a guest WiFi is a simple one. Anyone who owns a smart device would already know how to connect to WiFi networks. The guest WiFi network is augmented with the two additional steps; authentication and authorization.

The good news is that UBOUX Captive Portal is already compatible with most of off-the-shelf Internet routers. The cost of the required access points vary from a few hundred dollars depending on the hardware model.

posted 31 august 2018