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Getting Started

  • What is the UBOUX Captive Portal solution?

    • Captive portal solution is a page displayed to users who are connected to your open wireless network, before granted Free WiFi. Instead of the traditional distributing of Wi-Fi password slips to your customers or getting people to register for Free Wi-Fi.

      UBOUX captive portal serves as a marketing tool that help you broadcast your latest and new promotions to your Free WiFi users. We combine social login to distribute contents that are more relevant and personalized.

  • How do I proceed to engage UBOUX to deploy captive portal solutions at my outlet?

    • 1) You may send an enquiry to our email or use the contact form. Our pre-sales team will get in touch with you.

      2) We recommend a site visit to be arranged to help us understand the WiFi coverage required and expected number of users to cater to.

      3) Deployment of the solution typically takes a few hours, inclusive of hardware installation and wiring.


Usage and Billing

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