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Has it occurred to you that the traditional food menu is losing traction with customers and having it in a physical form has it problems and limitations. Lets explore some of the potential reasons.


Material Wastage

From time to time, seasonal promotions E.g  Mother’s Day package, Father’s Day package tend to incur additional cost for printing. More often than not ,these seasonal print material will no longer be re-usable after the end of season.

Table menu are susceptible to wear and tear upon a period of usage which affects your corporate image especially if it looks torn and dirty.


Lack of swiftness and flexibility in implementation

Limits your ability to implement short term marketing plans & strategies quickly as introducing a new dish,promotion or offer will normally will require the process of a having a graphic designer/ outsourced graphic designer / company to design and send to print before it can be implemented in store.


Solution:  Read-Only E-Menu 

  • Categorize your dishes
  • Create set menus
  • Choose from an array of theme for your menu
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