Integrate Ubiquiti Unifi Cloud Key WiFi network with UBOUX Captive Portal

If you have a Cloud Key configured WiFi network and are looking for awesome captive portal capability, look no more. We have just recently launched our UBOUX integration with Cloud Key because we know how much you love your Cloud Keys.

Your Existing Cloud Key Setup

This picture illustrates a simple WiFi setup using a Cloud Key and 2 Access points in a restaurant or retail shop:

The Cloud Key comes with an installed unifi controller which offers a simple captive portal management module where you can easily change colors or text on the captive portal page and it should suffice for non-trackable guest WiFi usage.

What Ifs?

A captive portal’s marketing potential is limitless. This list of what-ifs questions below contains some of the common questions asked by our customers:

  • What if I want to capture customer details into my subscriber list (eg. Mailchimp)?
  • What if I want to offer Facebook, Instagram or a customized form login?
  • What if I want to have a customized captive portal layout?
  • What if I want to push customers behavioral data to an existing CMS system?
  • What if I want to analyze my customers demographics based on WiFi usage?

What does UBOUX Captive Portal offer me?

Sign up as a UBOUX Merchant and wire up your Unifi Cloud Key to our cloud services and you can immediately start to build up analytics to understand your customers better.

Splash your promotional images on your captive portal page by uploading and selecting marketing images in our merchant platform.

Offer a variety of login options for your customers. UBOUX offers Facebook, Instagram and form login. We do integration with external authentication services too if requested. An example of this would be integration to an external CRM loyalty rewards system.

How Do I Setup UBOUX Captive Portal?

Subscribe to one of the affordable subscription plans that we offer and configure the guest control settings in the unifi controller and it’s ready to go!

In Conclusion

UBOUX Captive Portal expands the marketing capabilities of your existing Cloud Key WiFi network. The marketing effectiveness in terms of costs vs leads is high because the upfront cost for a captive portal solution is very affordable and all users of your WiFi network regardless whether they are customers or passersby are potential leads. Converting these leads into revenue is dependent on the branding and awareness of the marketing materials used in the captive portal.

Cloud Key integration is driven by the acknowledgement that there are existing Cloud Key WiFi networks and we want to UBOUX Captive Portal to be as least intrusive as possible.

posted 24 january 2019