At UBOUX, we are always ambitious in delighting our customers. We hope to match this ambition with excitement with our major captive portal release which contains support for Zyxel, Ruckus and Mikrotik brands. This also comes with UI upgrades and optimizations, dramatically improving on the user experience and performance of the user’s journey.


RADIUS support is included in this release, which is a great leap forward for the standardization of our captive portal’s AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) and the deployment of captive portal solutions to our customers. Combining Facebook, Instagram, Email or custom login module with RADIUS in your captive portal will be a breeze with UBOUX.

Managed RADIUS

The managed service is an easier option for smaller merchants who are owners of RADIUS-supported APs (Access Points) and looking for a captive portal solution that fits in nicely into their current network setup without the fuss of hosting and managing a RADIUS server. The managed and scalable RADIUS server is hosted on the cloud for high availability and reliability, giving our customers peace of mind.


This option is ideal for merchants looking for a quick plug-and-play captive portal solution.

BYO (Bring Your Own) RADIUS

Have your own RADIUS host? No problem. We are happy to discuss a suitable arrangement between UBOUX and your network infrastructure.

New AP Brands Support

UBOUX Captive Portal integration with Mikrotik, Ruckus, and Zyxel requires RADIUS and RADIUS Accounting. 


Mikrotik is suitable for the budget-conscious. Its administrative interface has a rich suite of complex networking settings and tools at your disposal. If you are not comfortable messing around with networking stuff like VLAN, Firewall, DHCP, then it is best if you get an external qualified engineer to set it up. Done right, Mikrotik is an affordable yet secure way of exposing your network to guests via a captive portal.

Ruckus Unleashed

With Ruckus Unleashed, small business owners can be delighted with the simplicity of the deployment and configuration through the controller-less web interface.


Nebula Cloud Center or NCC for short manages Zyxel APs. NCC offers two tiers; free tier which disables the RADIUS accounting and paid tier offering all features. UBOUX Captive Portal works only with the paid tier so be sure to get in touch with Nebula for more information on the paid tier.