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Start your own hotspot .

We offer different packages for customers' who have varying needs.

Is this suitable for me ?.

We make it easy for you to understand.

Unifi + Hotspot Gateway 

Restaurant / cafe owners / physical stores / virtual offices / offices / budge hotels / small events

Hotspot Gateway

Restaurant / cafe owners / physical stores / virtual offices / offices / budge hotels / small events

Have existing Ubiquiti UniFi series Access Points installed on location.


Learn about your customers by providing them convenience through unobtrusive approach.

To Your Customers

Better service, faster response time

Empower customers to help themselves
in getting a table without having to queue
in line. Customers can also empowered to
login to receive read only e-menu and
without having to request physical menu.

Improved Experience

Customers get to improve their
offline in store experience through
the applications that UBOUX offer.

Satisfaction Rating

Your customers get to provide
their overall experience and give
valuable feedback.

To Your Business

Increase Productivity

Customer service can focus on customer
retention by swiftly clearing long queues.
At the same time customer service can
interact with customers promote new dishes
and promotions,take orders via e-menu.

New marketing space

Communicate your brand and increase
brand awareness.Business owners can
choose to deliver information or promote
product or services. Provide WiFi
advertisement opportunities to
businesses around your area and

Insights into your business

We provide you with the tools
to gain insights of your business.
So you can learn,plan,manage,
and optimize your campaigns.

Plug & Play .

Just plug in the device. We will do the configuration. Don’t worry about the technical aspects !